What is GoldenAge Coin (GAC)?

GoldenAge Coin(GAC), is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform designed to provide investment opportunities with Cryptocurrency education where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom-loving individuals like you. So In welcoming you, you are introduced to a unique decentralized system that is peer-to-peer in nature, using a tokenized asset. You are with great liberty, allowed to own and control your asset(s) and money anywhere at anytime

Token Sales

A total of 18,000,000 GAC tokens (inclusive of 20% bonuses) will be issued during the Initial Coin Offer.
Please note that resale and distribution of GAC will be carried out in five rounds using the schedule below.
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) start dates commences with Pre-Sales on 12th December 2017 (3 pm UTC)

To participate in this business opportunity kindly visit our website https://goldenagecoin.io or add yourself to our social media groups

Acquisition of GAC Tokens will be a continuous / restricted process to regulate sales within given time phases at nominated PRICES:

  1. Presale: 6,000,000GAC @ $0.8 from 12th - 14th Dec 2017 UTC
  2. ICO Round 1: 2,400,000GAC @ $1 from 15th - 17th Dec 2017 UTC
  3. ICO Round 2: 2,400,000GAC @ $1.05 from 18th - 20th Dec 2017 UTC
  4. ICO Round 3: 2,400,000GAC @ $1.1 from 21st - 23rd Dec 2017 UTC
  5. ICO Round 4: 2,400,000GAC @ $1.15 from 24th - 26th Dec 2017 UTC
  6. ICO Round 5: 2,400,000GAC @ $1.2 from 27th - 29th Dec 2017 UTC
Please Note: